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EZObase teacher



Oversea experience:4 years in North America

Teaching experience:8 years (Japan, Canada, and USA)

​Qualification: TSLE

Other related experiences: Study abroad consultant and oversea tour guide.

Hobbies: Camping, mountaineering, snowboarding, travel, language learning


EZObase teacher

Hometown: Shizuoka

Currently living: New York city, USA

University: University of Tsukuba / Faculty of International Studies, Graduate School of Reading, UK / Master of TESOL

After graduating from university, I worked in Tokyo and Sapporo for two years each. After that I studied English at a graduate school in England and now I live in New York after marrying an American. 

There is no correct answer that applies to everyone, and I think there are as many English learning methods as there are people. It is very important to find a way that suits the student's personality and level. Let's enjoy learning together!

Favourite things: movies, musicals, travelling, cooking


EZObase teacher

Hometown: Fujisawa City, Kanagawa

Currently living: Ottawa, Canada

After graduating from university, I worked at an educational prep school for 3 years. After that, I went to Ottawa and Toronto in Canada for a year as a study abroad student at Wahori. After returning to Japan, I worked as an English teacher at a private junior high and high school.
When I got married to my Canadian husband, we moved back to Ottawa.

If you are studying English for an entrance exam or an English school, not confident speaking English or can't pronounce words easily, this lesson is for you. Actually, I was one of those students with such trouble, so I can help you  improve with the proper training and effort. Of course, beginners and those interested in working holiday are also welcome!


Let's learn useful English and enjoy English conversation together (^^)


Hometown: Russia
Currently living: Sapporo

Hello everyone! I am Russian but I grew up in Japan. I studied cognitive linguistics in graduate school.
I can teach English, Russian and Japanese. My favourite hobby is cooking. I also like reading, cycling and writing novels.

I'm looking forward to talking with you!


EZObase teacher


Hometown: England

Currently living: Sapporo


I’m from the UK. I have been living in Sapporo for over 3 years now. I have been working in a junior high school as an English teacher since 2018. I like to play rugby, photography and love camping and kayaking. 


EZObase tutor


EZObase tutor

Hometown: Singapore

Currently living: Sapporo

I have lived and worked in Australia, Singapore, China for the past 20 years and recently relocated to Sapporo, Hokkaido where I am now teaching English. 

I consider myself to be an optimist with an irrepressible love for the outdoors and adventure. My friends believe that I am a cheerful and easy going person who seems to have an unique ability to build friendships easily. My hobbies include tennis, mountain climbing and skiing (although I am not very good at it) and I hope that in the course of our English lessons, I shall be able to share a lot more of such experiences with you.


Hometown: Montreal, Canada

Currently living: Sapporo

I have lived in both West and East part of Canada where I worked as a chef for 12 years. Now, I have been living in Sapporo with my wife for almost 4 years. I started teaching English when I moved to Sapporo. I love Hokkaido for many reasons and one of those is food of course! When I have some free time, I like to go snowboarding, biking, camping, hiking, surfing, etc...


EZObase tutor

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