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This must be read before applying.

①Amounts of all programs listed on this site and language school websites are indicated in Canadian Dollar.

②Rates and schedules of various programs are subject to change without notice.

③ EZObase can not assume the responsibility if the course content and conditions have been changed due to circumstances of each language school, the school has failed to study abroad due to reasons such as bankruptcy or closed school.

④ In the case of schedule change or cancellation due to unavoidable reasons such as natural disasters, warfare, riots, acts of terrorism, orders from government officials in Japan or Canada, unexpected disasters. In addition, EZObase can not assume the responsibility if the visa is not issued by the Canadian Embassy, the Immigration Bureau's due date and the entry into Canada is refused.

⑤ If you change / cancel the application you applied, we will charge a cancellation fee determined by each school.

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