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English lessons

We also offer English lesson in Sapporo for beginner and student who wants to study aborad. We have two programs; for beginners (Basic) we teach general grammar and for intermediate (Understanding & Using) we focus on the communication skills.


The conversation aspect of the language is very important to us because we believe it's more beneficial to study abroad. With 2 lessons a week and a week break every 4 weeks.Our program is different than a normal language school. Thus, we reserve the right to refuse students if we believe that our program won't help them. 

Here's our schedule and price list;

* Membership is available for students who have already paid application fee to one of our language school. Membership is good for 12 month and the deposit is non-refundable.

* Cancellation of reservation up to 2 days in advance. In the case of cancellation on the day, we will collect the tuition fee at the next lesson. If it is not paid, you will no longer be allowed to take classes.

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