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Online English lessons

We also offer 50-minute basic and advance online lessons.


Basic lessons ...


Learn the basic and advance grammars of English. I great way to acquire the basics for casual English conversation.

Advance lesson ...


Learn native English expressions, phrases, idioms, and more advanced English communication skills. Tutor thoroughly corrects any mistakes.



The fee is 1700 yen for one lesson of 50 minutes.



3 months intensive course (beginners only)

The course is 50 minute lessons 5 times a week. Tuition fee is 102,000 yen (tax included for 3 months)


60 lessons in total. With the knowledge absolutely necessary for English conversation

You will surely acquire speaking skills with the support of a full-time teacher.



Recommended points


・ Every day is an English environment, so I feel like studying abroad

・ A qualified bilingual instructor is full-time, and you can have your own original      lesson

・ Many tasks (Today's words, today's expressions, diaries, and questions for the teacher)

・ Because of the test, you can check your growth

・ Once a week, 100% English conversation with native teachers

・ After 3 months, you will have priority to take basic and applied lessons.

・ One-time basic lesson can be taken for 1 month for 3 months while attending the course for 1300 yen




EZObase's English program is necessary for studying abroad and for spontaneous English conversation

It is a skill improvement. It is not a qualification test or school test.

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